About Me

Bran­di is an artist & design­er resid­ing in the Mid­west. Bran­di earned a degree in Graph­ic Design and Fine Art from Grand­view Col­lege in 2008 and has been work­ing as a free­lance artist ever since.

 Sim­plic­i­ty is the ulti­mate sophis­ti­ca­tion

My cur­rent fine art medi­um is ceram­ics. I am in the process of learn­ing to hand build. My inten­tion is to cre­ate fig­u­ra­tive sculp­tures, large vas­es and some small­er func­tion­al ware. I am explor­ing sev­er­al ceram­ic dec­o­rat­ing tech­niques that will inti­mate­ly allow me to add draw­ing & text to the clay.

I con­sid­er my body of work to be illus­tra­tive style por­traits, as it has always been, regard­less of medi­um. I love por­traits, because they cap­ture a sin­gle moment in time. Life is made up of moments that com­bine to cre­ate an entire iden­ti­ty.