LL — Step 1

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So I FINALLY start­ed my “Build­ing the Fig­ure in Clay” class with Lin­da Lewis (OMG) this past Tues­day. Check her work out HERE. She is a tru­ly amaz­ing artist and I am hon­ored to be able to learn from her.

My assign­ment this week was to start with an idea and/or a rough sketch. I also found out that build­ing a full body in close to real­is­tic form is an advanced build SO I am start­ing on a few busts and dress style half fig­ures to get famil­iar with the build­ing process.

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Hand Building Vases

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So I fin­ished up my 4 week hand build­ing class at the end of August. We worked on learn­ing both slab and coil build­ing. I am focus­ing on coil build­ing with a slab base as I will be coil build­ing for my fig­ure sculp­tures.

Here are a few vas­es that I have worked on that are cur­rent­ly dry­ing so they are green­ware (not fired yet). As soon as these babies dry out, which takes a while,

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Kiln Delivery

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My Kiln arrived today and an elec­tri­cian has been sched­uled to come out an install her. For those of you who are not famil­iar with how kilns work, they take a lot of pow­er and require spe­cial wiring. It is a lot of tech­ni­cal mum­bo-jum­bo, but let me know if you want specifics.

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