Kiln Delivery

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My Kiln arrived today and an elec­tri­cian has been sched­uled to come out an install her. For those of you who are not famil­iar with how kilns work, they take a lot of pow­er and require spe­cial wiring. It is a lot of tech­ni­cal mum­bo-jum­bo, but let me know if you want specifics.

Sad­ly, I haven’t even learn to make any­thing yet, but I want­ed to be sure that I had a place set up to fire once I did make some­thing.

Learn­ing some­thing new is always a great idea!

- ME

I have a class com­ing up in July, which seems like a mil­lion years away. I will keep you up to date with my progress. Can’t promise beau­ti­ful stu­dio shots as I am now work­ing from my base­ment. But I intend to share regard­less.

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